Portfolio of previous work

As a Trainer for Converges we used Adobe to facilitate our online classrooms.  I was in charge of creating a confortable environment for my students which included making inspirational graphics to post at different times of the week.  Some examples are shown here.

Starz Dance Company was one of my clients for many years.  She eventually shut down, so I simply archived all the graphics.  Here are a few to give you an idea of what the site looked like.

BIB Specialties is artwork hand created by Artist Chuck Brown in San Antonio, Texas.  We just took this site down.  Chuck Brown has passed away, and the wife and daughters are now just making pet beds and selling them on Facebook.

Feel Free to click on the buttons below to see some of the pages that I maintain currently.

I also created a site for my Administrative assistant work and created just a few graphics for it.  My other site, Designer Doggie displays my clothes I have created for Pets. I am not currently making clothes but hope to start up again soon.